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Corporate Information

Corporate Headquarters

    43/1 Main Street
      Gibraltar UK
    Phones: +350.20059995, +44 (0) 207 993 4293
    FAX: +350.20059059,   +44.207.504.3593

Board of Directors

    Rodney T. Cox, Ph.D. rtc
    Isaiah W. Cox, A.B. isaiah
    Wayne S. Marshall, Ph.D. wsm
    Nechama J. Cox, Ph.D. nechama
    Peter Vanderwicken, A.B. peterv
    Rodney T. Cox, Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of the Board
    Isaiah W. Cox, President/Chief Operating Officer
    Mark Radom,  Secretary
    James Magdych, Chief Information Officer
Public Relations Auditors
    Moore Stephens
    Suite 5 Watergardens 4
Photon Power plc Stock Trading
    Photon Power plc shares are not yet publicly traded in the United States over-the-counter market under the Symbol: PHPWF.
    CUSIP # X 8698W 10 3
Registrar and Transfer Agent
    OTR, Inc.
    Securities Transfer Agent & Registrar
    Phone: +1.503.225.0375
    Fax: +1.503.273.9168
    Robert E. Roach, Manager,
    Gibraltar Company Number 68278
    16 March 1999

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